Specialized Consumer Market

Swivelscript is presently optimized for business use, and especially for call centre or contact centre use.

However, if you really enjoy working with information technology, and are sophisticated in its use, Swivelscript can be a fun and money saving tool for on-line shopping and bargain hunting.

The tech-savy shopper can use Swivelscript’s real-time auto-copying function to shop simultaneously in, for example, Amazon.com, CraigsList, and e-bay, and to copy the results of all those searches into an Excell spreadsheet, so that the shopper can then compare prices and quality and make the best purchase, without much additional time at the computer.

The shopper enters item description, verify item, verify price, on the one principle site in which the shopper is searching, and that text, and those commands, are copied by Swivelscript into the other sites, and the results are copied by Swivelscript into the shopper’s spreadsheet or notepad.

The software rental fee is $10 per month, and an understanding of Javascript programming is useful.  That said, it is conceivable that someone buying lots of Christmas presents, furnishing a new home, or wishing to make several purchases with limited time to spend on each, could save many times the software license cost, by automating a price comparison system through Swivelscript.

Here is a Demo of a consumer comparison shopping on Amazon and e-bay for a music video DVD.