Simply Business Case Study [cont'd]

Ian Jones explains : “We had thought that the biggest impact would come from automating the back end process that had the most iterations, which was copying data from our lead management software, to our fulfillment and quote generating software, and then to our VOIP software.  That copying had previously taken about a minute, and we had to do that for every lead, so eliminating that copy-paste activity did in fact reduce by about a minute the time it takes to actually get to speaking with a customer.  What it’s actually doing is reducing the amount of online time when they are not making a call.

We have a system called Team Works by IBM, which is a Business Process Management application.  It prioritizes our sales leads, and according to priority, a consultant will get the next task.  Now, Swivelscript will pick up the number, open up the lead in our CRM application, copy the number over into our VOIP system, and make the call.  Within seconds of our consultant getting the lead, initial quotes are generated, and the consultant is on the telephone with the customer.

As valuable as this is, Swivelscript has actually been more valuable in reducing the time necessary for the offline process of composing Excel spreadsheets for customer sales, and then sending out insurance documentation.  Ian Jones says “Previously, we would develop our own spreadsheet and then manually do the insurance documentation, but Swivelscript does that for us already.  I’m not saying it does everything, but it does reduce our data entry time significantly.  Even though this process is less frequent, it takes more time, so automatically creating the documentation form has actually been a bigger impact than automating the lead-to-quote-to-VOIP data copying.”

Following Edwin’s visit and consultation at the Northampton office, Simply Business installed Swivelscript for just a half dozen employees, to see how it worked for them, before making a decision whether it extend it to the rest of the office.  It happened to be a very busy time, so Ian Jones says that after it was installed, he just forgot about it for several weeks.  He was reminded of Swivelscript when his boss asked him how it was going.

“Gosh, I had forgotten all about that!  But, I have heard no complaints, so that must be a good thing, right?

“So, I went to the call center and called the consultants in to have a chat about it.  I asked then how it was going, and they said it was OK.  They weren’t saying bad things, but they weren’t saying great things about it.   So I said ‘Look, this is important for our business, so if you don’t like it, we’ll remove it. ‘Well, at that point, they got angry with me, and said ‘Please don’t take this away from me; it makes life so much easier!’

“It was a really interesting process from that perspective.  It was not a big deal to a consultant to add it, but when they were used to it, and started thinking about going back to doing without it, they really realized how useful an application it is.  Being freed of menial tasks, to really focus on customer service and customer relationships really does make people happier.  When we examined our statistics, we found that the employees who used it really did spend more time talking to customers, and less time on offline processes.”

Simply Business is proud of being an in house technology company, employing their own programmers, and developing all their own websites and back office applications.  For this reason, they used their own programmers to make modifications to Swivelscript, to suit their particular needs, and to tweak, from time to time, the information imported to their various in house and customer forms.  Ian Jones says “Because it is all in Javascript, it is very easy for our web-developers to make any changes we need.  Of course, we have unusually technically adept people here, so we especially value a system which we can customize readily.”

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